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Vision 3 Master

The perfect upscale boat for cruising without effort, designed specially for Leboat. Our Vision 3 Master is a variation of our popular Vision3. The difference being the size of its cabins. The Vision 3 Master has a bigger cabin at the front.


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Reviews for the Vision 3 Master

We had serious electrical problems with the boat over our entire week of cruising. This culminated in a final night with a bilge pump running intermittently all night which kept us awake and ruined the next day of our holiday. In addition we did not get the boat we had requested as it was not available when we arrived. We had no prior notice that this would be a problem. I believe we should be paid some compensation for these issues as it was a very expensive holiday.
not what we ordered and not in perfect working order.
Comment from 
The Le Boat team
Hi Edward,Thanks for your feedback. We are very sorry to learn of the problems you experienced and the fact you had to change boat, which disrupted your cruising plans. Your comments have been forwarded to our customer relations team. Please accept our sincere apologies for any disappointment caused, we appreciate that this is not what you expected and we will make sure that this is sorted out as quickly as possible.Kind regards,The Le Boat team
Didn't get us off until 5:30 1st day with a lot of km to travel (we were there by 1). By 3rd day both middle and rear cabin showers were backing up and the rear cabin smelled horrible. Stopped at base in Homps to get it fixed, took a couple hours. Seems our bilge pump wasn't working (some language barriers, but that is what we think was the problem). Weather turned 4th day rain/wind; miserable boat cruising conditions. Made it to Trebes by Thurs. am and decided to call LeBoat and have them pick it up. They charged 1,000 pounds (that's excessive) to pick it up but spending two more days of our valued vacation time in the rain and wind attempting to make it to Castelnaudary felt like a nightmare. This is an unachievable itinerary if you want to do ANYTHING besides drive a boat. We really wanted to see Carcassonne so felt ditching the boat was only option. the constant rain had made the deck of the boat slick and dirty, full of leaves and our clothes and shoes were wet. Ugh. TV on board as advertised, however, only french channels and though we brought some dvds the tv only played European region dvds (you should specify that in your advertising) so that was a useless perk. Ultimately there was pretty much a mutiny by the passengers in the middle and back cabins which are super small and with the flooding and smell problems they had had enough.
Assume this rating is for the boat itself. It was billed as a high end boat but had lots of flooding, bad smell issues, inoperable bilge pump. TV only french channels; dvd only plays European. Lot of gauges weren't working.
2 weeks on the Canal du Midi and not one day without a mechanical incident, the most serious being a full gas bottle leaking into the boat overnight..Le Boat did reimburse around 50% of our charter fee but that was not the point - we had been looking forward to the trip as a trip of a lifetime.
Good layout but lots to go wrong and it did. Other people who had this boat also disappointed
Comment from 
The Le Boat team
Dear Mr Evans,Thank you for providing your feedback. We are very sorry you were disappointed with your trip on the Canal du Midi. We have taken action on the matter and forwarded your comments to the base team to rectify these issues.Best wishes,The Le Boat team