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The Cathar Cruise

Canal du Midi, France

Oneway: Homps to Trèbes, via Narbonne & Carcassonne

Allow 7 to 14 nights

A holiday of mediaeval forts and Roman cities blended with the charm of vineyard towns relaxes and refreshes!

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Reviews for the The Cathar Cruise

We were supposed to go from Homps to Castlenaudry, but the first morning I woke up on the boat in Homps I had double vision. We made it as far as Trebes before I realized I had a real problem - this wasn't a migraine headache. The marina manager there, Jean-Michel, took us to a doctor close to the marina. That doctor sent me straight to the hospital where they diagnosed that I had had a stroke. I was in that hospital (in Carcassonne) for several days and Jean-Michel allowed us to keep the boat in Trebes for the remainder of our trip. Jim slept there at night and was in the hospital with me during the day. We were very fortunate to have such an understanding and outstanding manager of that marina who took good care of us for that entire week!
Honestly, since I was in the throws of having a stroke, and was not able to "catch the rope" when Jim threw it to me (my vision was double!), our main concern was getting through the locks. We didn't pay any attention to anything else except the lovely plane trees that covered the canal in shade. It will be a very sad thing to see those trees cut down!