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The Languedoc Vineyards Cruise 

Canal du Midi, France

Reviews for the The Languedoc Vineyards Cruise 

We had two families cruising the Canal du Midi. This was arguably our best vacation ever as it blended family and good friends, great wine and food, amazing castles and villages, beautiful scenery and was the most relaxing trip you could imagine! We spent two nights in Carcassonne and that was definitely a favorite for everyone as our family had never been to Carcassonne and the other family had never been to Europe (let alone a castle!). But my most memorable aspect of the trip was just spending hour after hour casually cruising down the Canal in a simply stunning atmosphere!
The stop in Carcassonne was the main stop we enjoyed, spending two nights there instead of just one so we could see everything we wanted. The €20 per night we spent to park at the public dock was money well-spent (could get in to their shower facililties as well as laundry). But the things I would definitely recommend is to take advantage of as many of the local markets as you can, enjoy breakfasts of baguettes and and croissants and lunches of local meats, cheeses, breads, wines, etc as you are parked alongside the canal. Truly magical!
We had the boat for two weeks. First week we used all the cabins for a crew of 10; the smallest cabin is quite cramped, but there were few complaints. The second week we had a smaller crew (8) and used the small cabin to store luggage - much better!If you are used to renting an RV, you will have few problems with a canal cruise rental.
There were a few problems with the systems on the boat. This is understandable for a rental with many systems and things to go wrong. Nothing major, just minor annoyances that did not interfere with the trip as a whole
Great boat easy to handle, great base for visiting the wine areas
We travelled to Narbonne and back and past Homps to Trebbes and back lots of good restaurants, vineyards and places to visit in fact whole week went too fast. Saw kingfishers and much wild life on the way. It was disappointing to see the Plane trees being felled.
I was not impressed with your office staff at Homps. The formal takeover was fine but neither of the two female staff ever smiled and the larger one seemed fairly lazy. Usually your staff at Castelnaudary, Trebes, Chatel Sensoir, Migenne and Cassafiere have been most helpful and eager to help but not at Homps. What a pity.the boat was fine just what we wanted and the trip was lovely in fine weather - pity about some of the staff
We boarded the boat at Homps, the staff was delightful, the initial inspection & training session was pretty rushed, we thought they were coming back the next day but that didn't happen. There were several exterior issues on the boat that we didn't see one being the front bumper rail being loose & it detached in the first lock. We had to tie it up with part of the line from the life ring. The other that the ladder on the back was damaged and would have been no use in an emergency, and the back bumper by the ladder was hanging straight down into the water like a secondary rudder. The boat kept dying and could only be started in the main cabin by shutting everything off ans re starting the engine, which created several issues in traffic areas & once when we connected with the corner of a bridge. We called for assistance and after waiting for about 5 hours we were told just to continue back to the destination port.The good, we were on the Vision 3 which is a beautiful boat and wonderful for 3 couples, everyone had their own stateroom and private bath. The top deck was very open and comfortable, and the galley was very well equipped.We did have a good time in spite of the problems.
It was pricier than we expected, but the overall accommodations were lovely. With the exception that they are kidding you about A/C