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The Medieval Cruise

Canal du Midi, France

Oneway: Trèbes to Castelnaudary, via Argens Minervois

Allow 7 to 14 nights

See the medieval citiy of Carcassonne, and quiet villages like Argens with a 14th-century grand château sporting four imposing towers!

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Reviews for the The Medieval Cruise

An incredible holiday. Loved it from start to finish
Beautiful area Enjoy it all
We found the process of organising & paying for the cruise was good and no issues arose. The people at the base (Trebes) were friendly & helpful however the induction session was rushed and didn't give us much of an idea re steering & controls, would have been possible ok if we hadn't been faced within 5 minutes with a series of difficult manovours around large boats coming the other way on a sharp bend. The person doing the induction also dismissed my request for new wiper blades (said we wouldnt need them) but a few days later we were virtually driving blind in heavy rain just trying to get a short distance to our destinationWee this company again
The boat behaved well once we got the hang of the steering, it tended to wander a lot at first but a bit of experience fixed this issue. Side thrusters a good addition.Easy enough for two to handle in the locks and tying up at the banks