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The Renaissance Cruise

Nivernais, France

Return Trip: Tannay , via Châtel-Censoir & Corbigny

Allow 7 to 14 nights

Amble through ancient ruins and let your imagination run wild! The rich history of the region is evident everywhere.

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Reviews for the The Renaissance Cruise

I think we did not really take the "Renaissance Cruise" but after two rainy weeks on the Canal du Midi some 18 or 20 years ago we have been etremely happy with the weather at this time. We had three generations on board: grand parents, 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren.
We took it easy and slowly, cruising from Chatel-Censoir to Accolay and Vermenton, to Vincelottes and Auxerres and back to Vincelles, to Maily-la-Ville and then back to the basis in Chatel-Censoir. With children between 6 and 11 years of age you can't put an accent on sightseeing. Locks kept us bussy. As the weather was inviting they took the chance of swimming in the river Yonne quite frequently. Besides that we all liked the rural landscape we were cruising through. And we all enjoiyed the dinners we had at night and the good local wine although it was not easy to find good restaurants and in most cases there was no choice but one. Auxerre with its cathedal and museums was a highlight.
135 km and 95 locks on the Nivernais canal in central France between the Burgandy and Loire Valleys. Small towns and farmland with some historical sites. Most facinating were the 16 Ecluses in the Sardy Plane followed by 1200 meters of tunnels.
Clamecy, Tannay, Chatillion en Bazois, Pannecott, Baye, Cercy le Tour. Cathedrals, Notre Dames, Statues, with small towns dotting the beautiful countryside and farms.