Le Boat Ownership Program


For an initial outlay, you become the enviable owner of one of our brand new Horizon boats. Or choose from a range of other boats also available under the scheme.


You enjoy an average of 8 weeks a year on your boat, or a sister boat, in a choice of 17 different cruising grounds. Why not explore them all!


We charter out your boat when you’re not using it and we give you a fixed monthly income, regardless of charter activity. After 7 years, you can sell the boat back to us, for a guaranteed amount - or keep it!


We insure your boat, maintain it, and look after it like one of our own – at no extra cost to you.

Explore Europe…and Canada too!

Our owners take on average of 8 weeks holiday every year. And they can be taken on any boat in any of our 17 cruising regions across 9 countries.




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Frequently asked questions

It's around 1 week of holiday per year! The price of the boat depends on the boat model you'll buy. We can suggest some financial partners if you need to that can offer very good rates. Then thanks to the guaranteed income of 7% per year, you are effectively reducing this cost to around £3300 per year!

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If you want to, but most people choose to spread the cost with financing. You can access preferred rates with Le Boat recommended finance institutions. We usually find that a minimum of 20% of the purchase price is required as financial contribution.


You will technically own a specific boat, in a specific cruising ground and you may choose to cruise on your boat at any time throughout the season (subject to availability). However, by joining our program, you benefit from access to Le Boat's entire fleet, across all of our destinations. So you can visit a different Le Boat region every time you cruise.

To ensure you get fair and generous access to you boat, or other boats in our fleet, you will be allocated 42 points each year. Everytime you book a holiday, via our dedicated owner reservations team, we will deduct points from your allocation. The amount vaires depending on which boats you book, in which region and what time of year. For excample, a boat in mid-season for a week is about 14 points. Peak season bookings use up more points, low season less. On top of this, we allocate an additional 42 points which you can redeem against last-minute bookings.


Please note: Boats in Canada require more points than other destinations. Owners can also access to franchised bases in Italy and Scotland by paying a 25% contribution rate (of the charter price of the cruise). Current owners typically take an average of 8 weeks holiday on board every year, however up to 12 weeks are possible.

The programme lasts for 7 years (always finishing in September) , and once the term has finished you have the choice to either keep the boat, or sell it back to us for a guaranteed, pre-determined price of 45% of the original purchase price.


Choose the boat of your dreams

We have a variety of boat models for sale via our ownership programme. The newest and most innovative are from our Horizon range, but we have many others to suit a range of requirements and budgets – so take your pick!


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The New Horizon fleet

The Horizon fleet offers the best in comfortable, modern and easy cruising; there are no other boats like them on the European (and Canadian) waterways! They have been designed by us and built to exacting standards.

Key features include:

  • Roomy and comfortable saloon and kitchen with generous headroom and over-sized windows for uninterrupted views
  • Spacious cabins with USB ports
  • Spacious ‘fundeck’ with table, sink and BBQ hotplate
  • Sunbathing area(s)
  • Bow AND stern thruster for easier handling and wide walkways for easy access to all sides of the boat
  • Twin seat at the front
  • Large sliding glass doors to outside seating. Backrest flips so you can face either direction

Visit our Hoizon Fleet page for more details


Horizon 1 & 2

  • Size 11.5m x 4.25m
  • Sleeps: 2+2
  • Cabins: 2
  • Bathrooms: 1 (or 2)

Horizon 3 & 4

  • Size 13.5m x 4.35m
  • Sleeps: 6+2 (or 8+2)
  • Cabins: 3 (or 4)
  • Bathrooms: 3 (or 4)

Horizon 5

  • Size 13.99m x 4.35m
  • Sleeps: 12 (10+2)
  • Cabins: 5 (+ 2 people in saloon)
  • Bathrooms: 5



Built exclusively for Le Boat by Delphia

Delphia is world- renowned for its unsurpassed build quality, innovative designs and the comfort, durability and performance of its sailing yachts. Le Boat are delighted to work alongside this incredible team to design and build the Horizon range - the next generation of boats for the inland waterways!

Existing boats for sale through the ownership program

We also have a selection of other boats already in fleet and available to buy under the program at a very affordable price.

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1 & 2 cabins

  • Cirrus (2+2) / 1 cabin
  • Clipper (4+2) / 2 cabins
  • Caprice (4+2) / 2 cabins
  • Royal Mystique A/B (4+2) / 2 cabins

3 to 5 cabins

  • Calypso (6+2) / 3 cabins
  • Elegance (6+2) / 3 cabins
  • Salsa A (8+2) / 4 cabins
  • Magnifique (8+2) / 4 cabins

Or, buy second-hand…

We also have a selection of second-hand boats available to buy outright. Most of these boats have been retired from the fleet and are available to buy and relocate to a waterway of your choice. Plus we have cruisers from individual owners across Europe.

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Financial strength

Le Boat are part of Travelopia, forerunners in the specialist travel sector who own a collection of over 50 independently operated brands. This makes us, by far, one of the most financially stable boat charter companies in the world. We offer unrivalled expertise, more boat models than any other company and a history that spans nearly 50 years. As a Le Boat owner, your investment is with a company with unrivalled financial strength. Your money is safe with us.

What our current owners say...

"I have owned boats for over 20 years but found the maintenance becoming too much. With the Le Boat scheme, you get a fully maintained boat with the joy of turning up at the base collecting the keys. You also get to visit all the cruising areas around Europe and not being restricted to one. This coupled with the monthly income made this a deal I couldn't refuse!"

- Fred Robinson, United Kingdom


"The Le Boat ownership program has been perfect for us. Instead of paying upkeep on our boat, we receive a monthly check. We call this a truly multi-layered return on investment. On top of it all is the opportunity to meet many friendly fellow boaters."

- Jerry and Char Glashagel, USA